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Cap payment

If you are not a current subscriber and wish to hunt for a day with the CH or are a current subscriber but wish to hunt on a day to which you do not subscribe, you must book with the Hunt Secretary (see the Contact page) and are expected to pay in advance.
From 2023-4 season onwards, if you are a member of Melton Hunt Club (MHC) and wish to have a reduced-rate day with the CH, you should book and pay direct to CH Hunt Secretary and not MHC.

How to book caps

How to pay

Cap prices

The normal (not MHC) cap prices may be shown on the Subscriptions page but are usually by arrangement with Hunt Secretary

Online payment

After being given your provisional place by the CH Secretary, you can pay the appropriate cap online here using a credit card, debit card or PayPal by: You be presented with an invitation to either log in to a PayPal account or (if you wish to pay by credit or debit card) 'Check Out as a Guest'

If you have asked for places for more than one person (for the same day), please enter the total amount due: the Secretary will know from your original email the names for whom you are booking. But please do not try to pay for more than one day (e.g. "Tuesday 11th November and Saturday 15th November") in one transaction,

You will be presented with confirmation of your payment amount and asked to provide some further information. When your payment is complete, the system will immediately email you a receipt. This is copied to the Secretary who may then email you to confirm your booking. When you turn up to hunt, please give the Secretary a copy of the payment receipt.

Please do not make any payment until you have received a provisional place from the appropriate Secretary.

If you have a confirmed booking but have queries about the meet venue, parking, second horse venue and the like, please contact the Hunt Secretary via the Contact page.

I accept

(e.g. 75.00)
NB omit £ sign

Day and date (and mobile no.)
(e.g. Tues 11th Nov 07973 123456)

Booking reference number
(e.g. C011612)
CA membership no. & your own Hunt
(e.g. 1239897 Beaufort)